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Who We Are:

Welcome to Al Lager Engines.  Over the last 4 decades we have built and raced some of the fastest Porsche race cars on the planet, have won may races accolades and awards, and have not lost the desire to keep racing on.

State of the Art

Al Lager Engines have always created state of the art race cars. We pride ourselves on being the best in both aesthetics and design, keeping in mind aerodynamics and engineering.

True Porsche Professionals

In addition to designing many unique parts for Porsche engines, Al has kept other rare and hard to find car and engine parts. Chances are that he has what you are looking for.

Engineered to Win

Spanning across 40 years, Al’s cars have crossed the finish line first many times in the company of the likes of Al Holbert, Hurley Haywood, Milt Minter, George Dyer, and Sam Posey.

Customizations and Collection

“The Shop” has become home to many vintage Porsche parts that collectors and enthusiasts alike are dying to get their hands on. Contact us to see what kind of rare gems we have.

Haywood and Hagestad won the IMSA category by a lap after successfully quashing a protest that their Porshe Carrera had an allegedly illegal motor.

J.C.T.Morning News, July 17, 1975

The Abarth Tribute

The Magnum Opus of Great Porsche Mechanic and Legend, Al Lager

Custom Fabrication

stock 356 Porsche chassis. The team at the Tin Element took all of Al’s measurements, calculations, and customizations – down to the millimeter – and fabricated an aluminum body that is identical.

Innovative Engineering

Drawing on 40+ years of Porsche experience in the shop and on the race track, Al designed an ingenious engine on this project, one that has the exact same torque and horsepower using a single cam engine! You have to see for yourself how much of a dream it is driving this car.

One of a Kind

The 356 Abarth Carrera GTL is a super rare machine as there were only 20 made. Those existing vehicles retail in the range of 4 million dollars! Al’s Abarth is track-ready, is from a championship pedigree, and is 100 percent original.

100 % Original Porsche 356 Abarth Carrera GTL

See the Abarth in Action

Need 4 Speed