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Learn More About this Amazing Porsche:

A striking and elegant silver Roadster designed by Al Lager.  It is based on a Porsche T6 coupe chassis and nose.  The rear two thirds of the body, including the doors and engine lid is aluminum.  The body is elegantly simple in form with a slightly lower rear cowl and a smoothed front cowl/dash area.  The result is more aerodynamic, much lighter, and better balanced.  The aluminum portion of the body was formed with an English wheel by Tim George, with some finishing touches by the Tin Element of Loveland, Colorado.  Paintwork was by Dave Imes at Apex Auto Body.  Al envisioned the car with a leather tonneau cover.  The low plexiglass windshield inspired by the Porsche RSK windshield wraps around onto the door tops and is held in place by a carefully formed and polished $3000 (I) custom molding.  The windshield is just high enough to deflect the air and rain over the drivers head so although it is very low, 100 mph speeds are possible without eye protection.  The seats are black fabric-center.  Recaros.  The dash has three cowled instruments and four switches.  The tachometer is an 8000-rpm instrument from a four-cam car.  The speedometer is a 250km/hr also from a four-cam car.  The unique combination instrument displays oil pressure and oil temperature.  The steering wheel is a banjo-type with a Saint Christopher horn button.

The Roadster is powered by a Solex-carbureted 1900 cc engine (Shasta cast-iron cylinders with JE pistons) that has 34 miles since being built by Al Lager.  Exhaust is through a modified (two-pipe) original Abarth muffler.  The four-speed 356 transaxle was built by Al and has gearing that provides more acceleration.  The wheels are stock 356 steel on 356B finned brake drums with Yokohama 0088 tires.  It has a custom GT-look gas tank with leather strap hold-downs.  The 6-volt AGM battery is in an aluminum battery compartment.